Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

When someone says “root canal,” most people shy away in fear. Thought of as the most painful, miserable dental procedure, the fear of getting hurt during a root canal keeps thousands away from the dentist every year. But should you really be scared about an impending root canal? Or is a root canal only a simple, routine procedure that dentists do every day?

Myth One: Root Canals are the Most Painful Dental Procedure

A root canal is not the most painful thing that you’ll have to endure during your life. In fact, most root canals result in less pain than the patient is already feeling. The reason to get a root canal is because the pulp of the teeth has been infected and is dying. During a root canal, your nerves are numbed just like they are numbed during a filling or extraction. Thus, a root canal is no more painful than these procedures. The American Associated of Endodontists suggests that the fear of root canals is due to how painful this procedure was in the past when modern medicine was not being used. These days, root canals are more annoyingly uncomfortable than painful.

Myth Two: I’ll be Fine without a Root Canal

Avoiding a root canal is not a way to avoid the pain! The need for a root canal arises because the pulp of your teeth has become infected. The pain of your teeth rotting from the inside out is far more serious than having a root canal done with analgesia. You can also suffer from serious infections if a dying tooth is left on its own for too long. Therefore, get a root canal before the rotting tooth becomes a problem. The pain you will be avoiding in the long run should be the only reason you need.

Myth Three: Root Canals Take Several Appointments

Many years ago, it was standard for root canals to take several appointments. These days, a root canal can usually be completed in one dentist visit. Sometimes, an extensive root infection will take two appointments to fix, but these instances are rare. You may need two appointments if your infection is so far gone that a dentist needs extensive time to repair the tooth. This is why seeing a doctor for a root canal sooner rather than later is important. Often, a dentist will suggest a root canal even if you aren’t feeling pain. For these low-key infections, your procedure should take only one appointment.

Myth Four: Your Teeth Will Break After a Root Canal

One hundred years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for a tooth to break after a root canal. This was due to the fact that these teeth weren’t getting the blood and nutrients they need. These days, many dentists crown teeth who have had root canal infections to prevent breakage.

Busting the Myths of Root Canals

When you think of getting a root canal, don’t automatically assume that it will be the most excruciating experience of your life. Instead, understand that root canal misconceptions arise from how the procedure was done over one hundred years ago. In those days, a root canal was painful. These days, modern medicine eases the pain and your worry. So, does a root canal hurt? Not nearly as much as you may think.

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  1. Tim says:

    I had a root canal procedure done last year. It took two appointments and didn’t hurt at all. Also it wasn’t nearly as expensive as I thought it would be.

  2. Bob says:

    I’m trying to decide weather or not to get a root canal. It’s very expensive, and I don’t have insurance. I currently have a temp crown on (tooth was cracked, but has never had decay). After the crown prep, the tooth hurt a whole bunch to chew on. Now the pain is almost unnoticible, intermittent (maybe every 3-4 days), and only occurs after chewing hard food with the tooth all day long.

    Both my dentist and the endodontist say the tooth does not show any sign of infection. The endodontist thinks the pain will resolve with a stronger permanant crown. The dentist is not certain I need a root canal either, but he thinks I should get one, just in case. He says that once the zirconia crown is on, if a root canal is done through the top, the hole in the crown will be impossible to seal because filling material does not bond well to zirconia and will eventually let in decay. He says it may not be possible to replace the crown without breaking my natural tooth and that I will likely end up losing the tooth if I have to have a root canal after the permanent crown is on. Because my teeth are naturally small, he says there is not enough room to do a porcelain fused to metal crown instead.

    Other than cost, is there any real downside to having a root canal done on a tooth that doesn’t need it?

    If I have the root canal done (it’s a first molar), is it likely to take more than one appointment if there is no pain or infection prior to the procedure?

  3. Brandon says:

    I am getting a root canal today and im pretty nervous. Hopefully it wont be as painfull as everyone says

  4. Brandon says:

    Ok, so during the root canal, I felt some small pinches of pai, but it wasnt intense. I now have to get a crown.

  5. sarah says:

    im having one on thursday. im scared as i have heard alot of horror storys. my dentist said to ignore the storys as its pain free?

  6. Cari says:

    I had my first root canal today. I had a white filling replaced and it went bad. I was so scared I almost didnt go. I was crying on the way there. I should not have been worried. My endodontist numbed me really good on the front at back of the gum. I had no pain at all. It took about thirty minutes. I am sore tonight which is normal. The terrible sensitivity in the tooth is gone already. I had my first cold drink in weeks. The tenderness is well relieved with the 800 milligram ibuprophen they gave me. In a few days i will start the crown prep. The worst is over now. Dont be scared. Its really just long and tedious, not painful.

  7. Jose says:

    I have to get one today at 8:00 am. But it did not hurt at all and I am 10 years old and I was a sleep during the root canal so it does not hurt

  8. logan says:

    i have to one tomorrow i hope it wont hurt my freinds and parents say you cant feel it! The last time i went to the dentist the only thing was the sounds that got to me! ;)

  9. Emma says:

    Im having root canal tomorrow very nervous hhope it goes well! I wonder if it hurts

  10. Hailey says:

    I’m getting my first root canal in about 2 hours, I’ve been freaking myself out since last week. I’m glad I found this post it somewhat took the edge off but I’m still kinda nervous.

  11. Pedro says:

    Im trying to decide if I should or shouldn’t get one. My tooth hurts a lot when I chew or drink cold drinks. So should I? My dentist already recommend it

  12. tammy says:

    im only 12 and gettin a root canal on 2/6. really scared and my teeth hurts relly bad rite now

  13. TJ says:

    I’m going to have one done tomorrow and I have heard a few stories, but I am hoping it’s not as bad as everyone states. I will post the outcome with all honesty.

  14. Xanny says:

    I’m having a root canal done on 2/2 and i’m scared but i really want to be done with the pain i’m feeling now.

  15. Sophie says:

    im 16 and getting root canal as soon as possible as i have an infection in my gum surrounding the nerve of my tooth. im really scared but these comments above about people saying it wont hurt is helping. fingers crossed everyone :)

  16. Austin says:

    I have to go get a root canal and I am freking scared peace

  17. julieann says:

    I had severe toth pain (first molar lower left side) for 2 weeks before calling a dentist in my area. I have no dental insurance but I do work full time.
    My extreme fear of all doctors, dentists being the worst, kept me away from the dentist for 15 1/2 years. After agonizing in pain for 2 full weeks, most of those sleepless nights, I convinced myself to go to the dentist and that would be the ONLY way to relieve my pain.
    So recluctantly I made an appointment for my first week day off. After working myself up all weekend I went in early for my checkup. Freaking out in the waiting room for almost an hour PAST my appointment time I’m finally called in for xrays of which I kept choking on the little xray tag in my mouth. I also had full mouth xrays where the xray machine circled my head not painful at all. Then I was asked to wait back up front until I’m called in. Finally 10 minutes later I’m called back and thankfully my new husband could come with me this time. After reviewing my xrays the doctor agreed that I have a bad cavity in 1/4th of my molar and it’s pretty far down close to the nerve. (My tooth was black!) I was mortified and angry at myself for letting this happen. He discussed with me my options which basically was going to a root canal specialist and having that dr start the root canal (the most painful part) then come back and have the regular dentist finish with the filling and the crown.
    I was definitely NOT happy about more than one appointment. But I agreed through tears and called the specialist. 3 hours later I was in a chair awaiting my procedure. Shaking uncontrollably I made the nurse feel bad. The Dr came in to discuss my procedure and then the receptionist came in for payment which sucked given that I have no dental coverage. $1285.00 out of pocket kind of hurt worse than the procedure.
    Then came the Nitrus Oxyde. I remember from previous fillings 20+ years ago. The Miss Piggy nose. The Nitrus never made me laugh (laughing gas) but it did work in making my whole entire body numb. Probably didn’t help that I was shaking uncontrollably through the calming Nitrus. Then comes the numbing q-tip. Believe it or not I felt ALL 4 SHOTS of novacaine! My tooth was THAT badly infected and sensitive it took 4 shots. The first and last one being the absolute worst. I had my eyes closed so I didn’t know when they were coming! The ‘cold tests’ they did hurt until the last shot kicked in. Then off they went. Scraping out the cavity and drilling into my gumline. At one point they put a clamp on my tooth and I couldn’t figure out why it hurt extra bad until they took it off. Oh so painful. Pain in my jaw immediately came. Even though my cheeks were fat and numbed my jaw was not. The whole procedure took just over an hour and the specialist was wonderful to me. He gave me 800mg of Ibprofen right away and told me I could keep taking it every 6-8 hours as I needed it for pain and inflamation. He called me the next day to check on me which was unexpected and so nice. I thanked him again and hoped to never need his services again.
    The next day after my root canal with the specialists I went back to my regular dentist alone and scared for part 2 of 3. I decided to pay what I could up front and pray I could just leave after I was done.
    I was called in almost right away. I held my composure until I found out I would need MORE Nitrus and more novacaine. I began uncontrollably shaking again and getting worked up. My jaw was already in pretty bad pain and I could not imagine another hour of torture. These nurses were okay but nothing like the specialist nurses. Since I had already paid I forced myself to go through with it telling myself the worst was over. BOY was I wrong!
    They started me on the Nitrus and waited until I was semi relaxed. Then came the pain of novacaine. 2 MORE SHOTS UGH! Not nearly as bad but still hurt. Then came the procedure. I had that mouth guard thing to hold my mouth open and half way through the procedure both the dr and nurse walked out to give me a break and left the nitrus on (semi-unsupervised) and I couldn’t tell I was completely nauseated and I began to vomit on myself. They both came running in when they heard me moaning then gagging and vomiting. I had no food in my stomach for 36 hours due to the pain. I’m sure that didn’t help. I felt tied to the chair and stuck because of the heavy Nitrus. So I proceeded to vomit 4 times back to back pretty badly and I’m sure my face was covered. It got on my clothes and in my hair. Needless to say I was pretty upset being left alone and scared. Once I calmed down and the Nitrus was turned down a bit they finished the procedure and I was fitted for a temporary crown. I was so weak and tingly that I had to stay in the chair for 30 mintues since I had no ride and needed to drive myself home. The nurse gave me a cup of mouthwash to rinse with and sent me to the bathroom. I was afraid to look at myself I was sure I looked horrible. The mouthwash didn’t work I had no mobility in my mouth so it went in one side and out the other.
    After cleaning up I had to stop at the desk (which I was hoping not to do) to make a THIRD appointment for my final crown fitting.
    Today is the day after my 2-day ordeal and I’m still pretty painful in my jaw and still unable to eat much. I’m scared for my last appointment in 3 weeks but hopefully this will be it for a very long while.

  18. Mark says:

    I had one today. I read this page last night. I was terrified. It didn’t hurt one bit. I had headphones in and listened to music. Honestly, if you’re due a root canal and you’re worried, take it from me. It doesn’t hurt one bit. So don’t worry guys!!! Good luck :-) .

  19. izzy says:

    im getting a root canal this weekend can u guys give me advice wat to do durning the root canala so i wont focus on it

  20. Mark says:

    In addition to my last post. Stock up on Ibuprofen. Your mouth will suffer trauma and may throb a couple of days following the procedure. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty painful (in my case). Just be sure to speak to your dentist following the treatment. Ask for advice if anything were to happen.
    Take care fellow root canal patients.

  21. Cindy says:

    I had a root canal today and I did experience pain and discomfort. I would say it’s nowhere near as painful as what I was feeling with an accessed molar, though. Even though it hurt, it’s well worth it because I know longer feel the throbbing and pain that kept me up all night and not even Vicodin would alleviate.

  22. phil says:

    I am supposed to call in for an appointment but my GF warned me to get some kind of pain pills like valume. I had some kind of anxiety attack when I went the first time, and now I’m nervous to set an appoinment, if I ask for extra numbing do you think I should be fine?? Ever since I can remember I was scared of the dentist and always felt the grinding during the filling procedure because I can feel pain easily and it hurts so bad when they get close to the nerve….when they keep grinding and grinding it’s so terrible I can’t even imagine how my root canal will go, if I’m scared of fillings!?!?!?!? Please someone give me some tips or reassurance PLEASE!!!

  23. shannel says:

    had one on saturday was soo scared but everything went fine and all am missing is a crown !! whoooa hoo

  24. I just got a root canal done. Before that I had mixed feelings but it did not hurt at all during the process. Actually, the doctors give you some medicines due to which there is no pain. However, after the root canal, when the effect of the medicines has died, there is a little pain. It is bearable though.

  25. kieran says:

    I went to the dentist today at 12.15 due to weeks of pain in my tooth, I was told the problem was the nerve of my tooth was reacting with a recent filling. I was offered either a route canal or extraction, after all the horror stories I heard about route canals I chose to have the tooth extracted. But looking at this site I’m sure extraction hurt more than a route canal would of.

  26. Bre says:

    i’m getting my first root canal today, i’m scared out of my mind, but my dad, aunt, and friend’s sister said they aren’t that bad. the only part they disliked was the sharp grinding sound in their mouth.

  27. Mrs. Scary says:

    I am having a root canal on Tuesday 3/20, I am scared to death because of the “stories” I have heard. However I had my entire lower gum line sliced open by my dentist and survived. Now that was pain!

  28. Sarah says:

    I have just had the first stage of root canal work done and never felt a thing.Have two further appointments and dreading it.Can’t be as bad as the pain that I have had for the last 10 days

  29. Sha says:

    I am having my root canal tomorrow morning. I do not like the sounds of drills at the dentist office so I am freaking out just thinking about them for an hour. My daughter had a root canal at the age of 16 and she said the numbnes started to wear off towards the end of the procedure, but it was tolerable. These stories have helped some, still nervous though! I will pray over the hands that perform the procedure and pray all goes well.

  30. Owen says:

    I am getting a root canal today and I am extremely scared. I hope you guys are right.

  31. Tina Richardson says:

    I’ve had three root canals done in the past, the last one being three days ago and I must say while the procedure doesn’t hurt the recovery causes a little discomfort. The pain is more like a dull throbbing and not a needle or stabbing. It’s like hitting your big toe and the pain you feel after it wears off 20 minutes later (the pain doesn’t feel like initial big toe impact, but the way it feels 20 mins later). The only thing I hated was hearing the drill, but like someone else previously posted, if you wear a good set of headphones and turn the volume up on your ipod or MP3 you won’t be affected at all by the noise.

  32. It would actually depend on the doctor whether or not he/she gives you the anesthesia to get rid of the pain during the root canal.

  33. julie says:

    I am about to get 1 done today any minute now and I am scared to death. Everyone that I’ve asked has said that it was painful but my big sis said she didn’t feel anything when she had hers done. I’m so nervous. I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

  34. julie says:

    Well I finally got it over with. They stuck me with 2 needles first and to tell u the truth I didn’t even feel them. They then waited a couple minutes for my mouth to be numb. The dentist told me if I felt any pain for me to raise my hand. When he began drilling I felt pain so I raised my hand and he stopped and gave me another shot. Not painful. He then proceeded drilling and I felt a little discomfort but not much. When he started pulling up the nerve I could feel it a little bit but it wasn’t unbearable. He shot me again with some more meds and keep going. After that I didn’t feel a thing. Thank God cause I was so scared. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

  35. raamses says:

    i might be getting one done this week.. i am due to get a panoramic x-ray for my teeth tomorrow. root canal scares me off to death. i have a gum pus on my 1st molar tooth. im scared

  36. CC says:

    Im going to have a root canal tomorrow and im extremely scared. Can someone please assure me that i will be fine!

  37. CC says:

    its my back moler on the bottom! Do you think that will cause me alot of pain. Also the tooth is half broken so is that easier or harder on me

  38. liz says:

    For all of you who are afraid why dont you ask to be put to sleep! It may cost a bit more but you will wake up and not even realise youve even gone to the dentist! I did it because i avoided the dentist for ten yrs and had to have a root canal. The fact i knew i was being put to sleep just in general made me calmer

  39. ak says:

    i’m getting root canan as well and i’m really nervous

  40. Mark says:

    Had two root canals done today at the same time and it was horable :( the dentist had complications with one of them because of an abscess and I was in the chair for 3 hours and by the end of it my mouth wasn’t numb anymore and I could feel every poke from the root canal cleaning needle tools it was very painful and tears were coming from my eyes it was really bad especially when the metal post were inserted because I guess they are heated up really hot then shoved in your root that was the worst part of the hole procedure felt like someone was putting a cigarette out in my mouth I had to go through it 6 different times for each root for two teeth it was insanely painful I felt like I was in a horror movie and my jaw still hurts :(

  41. leo says:

    im 15 and having root canal soon will i be put too sleep?

  42. Irving D says:

    I just had one done yesterday. I have to say i didt not hurt at all. Even right now, i have painkillers, but im not taking them because it dosent hurt.

  43. Catherine says:

    I had two done when I was seven. I literally slept through it. I have another today because my roots grew. If you’re teeth hurt or your dentist says you need it, GET IT DONE! It’ll be worse if it deteriorates your tooth and jaw then going through a pretty much painless procedure.

  44. Sirina says:

    im having mine today in an hour, im soooo scared because people says it hurts, i hope it doesnt xxxxx

  45. Catherine says:

    Im 12 years old and i need to get a root canal tomorrow i am really nervous but the comments above make me feel alittle bit better. I am hopeing all goes to plan tomrrow. (:

  46. Rafael says:

    Oh man, I need two root canals done, from the looks of it, it looks like a very invasive and risky procedure but hey, your fighting to keep that tooth alive, with out it, life could get difficult.

    I really don’t understand why they can’t just put you to sleep. A friend of mine was put to sleep for removal of all four of his wisdom teeth, when he woke up…he commented, “did they do it, what happened? I felt like I dosed off for like 26 minutes and i’m here again.”

    So wait, they shoot the novacaine around the tooth? I find it hard to believe all four shots hurt, novacaine is pretty active. When I had stiches on a finger, they injected novacaine on all four sides, the first injection hurt but the last 3 didn’t.

    I really am no friend of pain and the thought of someone leaving “stuff; files, screws” inside my tooth is very uncomfortable to think off, knowing I have something in there is mentally enough to cause it to hurt.

  47. Mark Smith says:

    I’m 30 and getting my first root canal next week. I have had a good set of teeth for the majority of my life but in April my dentist said I had 5 cavities needed to be taken care of. I went two weeks later and had them corrected.

    Over the last month I have had a updating pain in my lower far back tooth on the left side of my mouth when a cold liquid or food hits that tooth when drinking or chewing. I confirmed today with a endodontist that he needs to get the roots out because they are in a state of constant hyper sensitivity. Unlike the other 4 teeth that I had a corrected cavity in, this lower left tooth reacted in a negative way. It’s not because the cavity was incorrectly done, but it could be because my roots come very high into the tooth and when the cavity was drilled into this may have exposed the root and it remained in a hyper sensitive state. If I don’t do anything about, my tooth will begin to die from within the tooth.

    The procedure will take an hour and according to my endodontist is not painful because the roots are numbed.

  48. ash says:

    i have to have one and a filling, I’m so scared about them both…

  49. Alicia says:

    Sooo I’m having a route canal in two weeks however, yesterday I was at the dentist and they did some shaving I guess and they left the nerve exposed to I can’t drink anything cold or something that has sugar or it will hurt really bad I know because I drank soda without the knowledge that it will hurt and it it. So in two weeks I get the route canal and I’m so scared i was reading ya’ll stories and I’m alittle more calm but still scared in thinking of telling them to put me to sleep :P

  50. Craigy says:

    I had a root canal this morning. It took about an hour. The dentist number my gums with a q-tip and then shot the novacaine in. It was a quick pinch. The novacaine worked pretty quickly and the dentist got under way. The drilling was a little dicomforting, but there was no pain. I closed my eyes and let him do his job. There were some strange things going on in mouth, but I chose not to pay too much attention. I could feel some light pinches when he got to cleaning out the end of the nerve, but still no pain. There was pressure applied to backfill the canal and again it was not super comfortable, but I felt no pain. The dentist then said he was done. I was truly impressed with the lack of pain I felt during the procedure and I can already tell the immense pain I was feeling on a daily basis reduced to a little soreness from the procedure. My dentist did not use posts in the canallike they did a hundred years ago as these cause further decay. He also did not use Nitrous. The novacaine was enough to thwart of any pain. He did a good job and checked with me periodically to make sure I wasn’t hurting. If you have been recomended to have one of these procedures, don’t freek out…It’s not as bad as some of these posts make it sound…Just make sure you have a dentist you are comfortable with and it will be a breeze…Also, my dentist is not afraid to prescribe narcotics to help with the pain. This makes things much easier after the procedure :)

  51. Josh Sri says:

    I suffered from a congenital disorder (flourosis i believe)which lead to all dark yellow teeth with very fragile enamel. I had to go through the embarrassment till I turned 18 as doctor;s said they cant start any treatment before the teeth are fully grown. Life was tough with dark yellow teeth with lot of sensitivity and pain and kids and people to point out. Leave alone pain, i would often cry for hours when kids use to ask me to show my teeth color to them. I had harrowing childhood due to this. But then i turned 18 and my treatment was started. So far I got 8 root canals with crown of white color(to protect them from degrading as enamil is almost gone), upper front teeth i have vineers and lower i have composites Now they look really nice.I shelled so far 2.5lac Rupees for all of this. Still few RC are left> but in india treatment is v.affordable even if you go to best dentist in town.

  52. Hannah says:

    I had a root canal about a week ago, & im 13 & I didnt think it hurt 1 bit! Very easy procedure! Maybe it was just my dentist? But it did NOT hurt at all!!!

  53. amy says:

    i got one root canal that was on the bottom it hurt so so so bad im getting one on top i did the first i have to get my crown it did not hurt but a little my dentist says it dose not hurt on the top but she say the bottom hurts

  54. Zeus says:

    hi, im zeus im 13 and i hate brushing my teeth!(<–that changed now) i hate the taste of mint and a year ago (last summer 2011) i chipped my central incisor when i was biting my nails, i kinda freaked out but then i said no biggie and then later the small chip got bigger and bigger until 1/3 of the back of the tooth was goon, i still didnt do nothing about it until food started accumulating and i got a black spot on the front of my tooth, i did everything i could, but i couldnt get it out and it wasnt painfull at all only when i drank cold drinks (ANOTHER BIG THING I AM A HUGE GUM CHEWWER AND THAT WAS THE REASON FOR MOST OF THE TOOTH CHIPPING) Its really embarrasing going to school or a party and everyone asking "eew what is that!?" i cant even smile because its the front tooth. i recently went to the dentist after more than a year without going, they filled 8 CAVATIES and he did a temporarily filling on the front tooth(ON THE DAY BEFORE MY 8TH GRADE PROM) and thats when they told me i needed a root canal I FREAKED OUT! I DIDNT WANT THEM TO DO IT THAT DAY! the dentist said it needed to be approved from the insurance so i was in the clear but the dentist made my teeth more sensitive to cold and hot drinks! its horrible! i have to drink from a straww and keep the drink in my tounge and swallow fast and i couldnt enjoy nothing they had at the prom like food soda and ice cream :( this is all my fault and now i learned my lesson! so far ive been brushing 3 times a day, before school, after school and before bed hope this is a lesson to all you NAIL BITERS, NON-BRUSHERS ETC. ETC. TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH! BRUSH FLOSS AND MOUTHWASH!

  55. Zeus says:

    ALSO when i try to brush the back of the tooth if i go too deep i think i hit the nerve and it hurts!

  56. Sarah says:

    Im only twelve and im having my tooth pulled out but i had the choice of root canal which one would hurt less ?

  57. tyra says:

    i have an appointment for a root canal today am kinda scared but this web site help me not be sooo scared

  58. Katie says:

    I’m going for a root canal today and I hate (with a pashen) dentists. My only question is, if the tooth on top and all how the hell do you keep your mouth open that long

  59. ariana says:

    Im 14 yrs old and i just got my first root canal and for the most part it was easy and painless untill they hit my nerve they stoped and i cried so the specialist came in and put a needle in the pulp and it was excruciating for like a minute and then it was harmless pain from here and there its the after math that herts but like kelly clarckson said what doesnt kill yuh makes yuh stronger!! Good luck

  60. Emmy says:

    Im getting a root canal or an extraction i need to ask which one hurts more? which one should i choose? Its one of my top teeth in the back. Its a BAD cavity. I’ve heard that root canals are painless and im TERRIFIED of extractions (i’ve had many. BAD expieriences, financially and physically). Which one is more expensive?? HELP!!! THE CAVITY HURTS SOOOOO BAD!!!!!

  61. Angela says:

    Omg im 13 & im having a root canal done tomorrow at 1. Im worried its not even funny. The dentist is my biggest fear! I’ve had fillings before and i couldnt stand the drilling! I dont know how im gonna handle this! Some people told me it didnt hurt at all, other people told mr there was minor pain and then others told me it was just awful. Im sooooo scared. Like i want to be put on the laughy gas stuff but im worried about that too cause my sister said it made her dizzy. And then my aunt told me to bring my ipod but its all just so overwhelming. I dont even like being in the dentist office. Plus my tooth is so sensitveand im just so worried. Words just cant explain it. Im thebiggest baby. Can someone pleasee just assure me that theres no need to fear…..

  62. Haley says:

    Hey ya’ll, my tooth hurts really bad when i bit down on hard things, such as chips or hard fries or hard candy. i hate going to dentist, my sister said that when they gave me my filling that they didn’t kill the nerve all the way, i have had my tooth pulled before and it hurt really bad. people tell me, “would you rather hurt for the rest of your life, or hurt one time and never hurt again”.. well thats not how i feel sometimes. what should i do, and why is my tooth hurting only when i bite down on things..?

  63. skyguy says:

    No Not at all i have one done like right now i just got back worst part was the cost
    around 1200$ total for it and the filling afterwards but during the procedure there was not pain at all there it might be sore after but thats nothing and its due to keeping your mouth open for long time honestly i think filling were worst
    i give it a 1/10 n pain scale painless

  64. Courtney says:

    Ime having a root canal today, ime really nervous. Following recent experiences with the dentist, has knocked my confidence the comments I have been reading have made me feel better just still dreading the needles at the start.

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